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Wooden Propeller Clock

Wooden Propeller Clock

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You have seen the curvature of the earth. You have seen sights most people will never see. Flying at Stratosphere is really beautiful and peaceful. You enjoy the quiet, hearing yourself breathing, and the hum of the engine. You'll never take it for granted.
An ode to a rare breed on the earth called Pilots.
Handmade and handcrafted in Teak-wood.

A great addition for your House Decoration.

Propeller clocks for decor from Northman+ .

Made by an Aviator for the Aviators.

Material - Teak-wood .

Dimensions - 4.7 ft (Length) x  6 Inches (Width) 

Clock Circle Dimensions - 3.7 Inches 

Quartz Movement.


Just made as your measurements.

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