About Us

Our Story

Northman+ was founded in 2017, Fuelled by a strong desire and build clothing apparels that can be appreciated by collectors and aficionados, We make leather jackets only on made to order services (MTO), WHICH ARE TAILOR MADE as per your body dimensions, so you can relax about the fittings. We're here for a long term and a significant portion of our earning is re-invested into product development and after sales support. NO wonder, our products hold their value over time.

Our shoes are made on order basis as well, for that you can select the design in the product section and let us know what shoe size you wear, if you're confused, please do let us know, we would be more than happy to help you. But being a small and independent brand, we can focus on giving you the best ownership experience possible.

Our designs are retrospective and covey best in class wear, after all we're based in New Delhi, India, A country enriched with artists where we take inspirations even while walking on the roads or meeting up with our production designers, We're a Clothing Micro Brand from India- small brand with rich heritage and proud of its country's culture, but not with the price competitiveness of big brands. But, we're hardworking, passionate and have an eye for detail. We don’t make things which we ourselves won’t buy.

Within Months of our brand's formation, we created a social media page, like all brands do to get in touch with you over there as well. link is down below and you can check the page out, facebook Having been through ups and downs together, the members from all walks of life advise us what can we do to make this brand better, as we believe it’s important to learn from every review. It often said that when you buy a product, you buy into a story, With Northman+, you get to write that story with us.

Our Work

As we are a simple micro clothing brand we are only into handmade and handcrafted leather jackets and shoes , all the products listed on our website are made by hand from our skilled artisans , with their high level of craftsmanship and precision stitching, cost far more than other brands and are preferred for use in higher-end products. Unlike the standard, machine used work, a technology that preceded machine work by almost a thousand years.

At Northman+ we've curated a spectrum of handmade products. These products have been chosen for their class-leading reliability, robustness and smooth texture that's seen in clothings. They're easy to maintain and should be trouble-free for many years.

Our Material

A comfortable and durable material that offers good protection against weather elements, leather has been in use since prehistory for clothing and shelter. It played a key role in the evolution of Jackets to shoes, when Jackets were first worn by the military personnel by means of leather jackets. Leather comes in many forms. Our leather products are made of top grain Sheep Hide / Goat Hide / Napa Lambskin / Buff Leather , etc. from reputable tanneries. and yes, we don’t use PIG SKINS. Over time and with proper care, each leather product will develop its own character (Patina) and age gracefully.