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Men Type A1 Leather jacket

Men Type A1 Leather jacket

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The A-1 leather flight jacket was standardized as a summer flying jacket on the 27th of November 1927. Even though it was superseded in 1931 by the A-2 flight Jacket, the A- 1 jacket still remained very popular and it was also used during WWII.

Our model of the A-1 leather flight jacket is a reproduction and it has the same distinct appeal of the original A-1 jacket, slim cut. This A-1 jacket has all the features that the original model had and it’s created out of very soft Goat Suede leather Original was made in Capeskin ( Hard to find in India , so we made this one in Goat suede ) . It also has 100% wool knits as well as 100% cotton Sateen liner. Since this A-1 jacket is created out of very soft Goat Skin Suede, wearing it is very easy to do and you don’t really feel like you are actually wearing something.

It’s the perfect leather jacket that seamlessly combines history and quality – the ultimate leather jacket for any situation!

LEATHER: 100% Premium Goat Suede leather
LINING: 100% cotton sateen
KNIT: 100% wool
COLOR: Dark Brown 

Get it Custom-made for your size by selecting MADE TO ORDER IN SIZE SELECTION. 

Time Taken - 15 Days to make it , since its a handmade Jacket. 


Just made as your measurements.

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