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Brown Suede Jodhpur boots with Tan Straps : The Jodhpur boots

Brown Suede Jodhpur boots with Tan Straps : The Jodhpur boots

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Wearing boots somehow exude a great sense of authority and immediately identifies the wearer as being a man of distinction. On the lighter side it also helps prevent your shins from peeking underneath your trouser cuffs! 

The Jodhpur boot is a very clean looking boot which has a large blank canvas of leather starting from the toe and extending all the way to the top. This lovely vast expanse of leather comes without stitching and the hint of straps peeping out from under the trousers adds to its mystique.

Jodhpur boots originated in India in the 1920s, and were first worn by local polo riders, it’s considered a modern classic even today.

This sleek shape is one of our most popular lasts giving a very elegant and bespoke appearance without compromising the fit.

What you see is 100% Handmade Product ,did we mention about that comfortable Insole we provide in these shoes ? You can stand all day at your work and your feet will thank you for wearing them!

It will acquire the shape of your feet as soon as you wear it & get comfortable.


Soles Available- 

  1. Argentinian Leather
  2. Argentinian Leather with Rubber Footpad
  3. Rubberized Eva
  4. Rubber Sole
  5. Lightweight Tunit Sheet.

Construction – 

  • Blake stitched construction (Available only on Leather Sole )
  • Cemented construction (Available on Rubberized Eva sole / Rubber sole / Lightweight Tunit sole.
  • Handwelt Construction ( Available only on Leather Sole ) 
  • We take 15-20 days to make a pair.
  • 5 days to ship International once the shoes are ready.
  • 2 days to ship Within India once the shoes are ready.
  • Fits true to size. Take your normal size.
  • Our shoes are made with breathable leather.
  • You can also send across your measurements to us over an email/WhatsApp for an accurate fit. 


Just made as your measurements.

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